Unsacred Seed

by Unsacred Seed

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2013 full length debut. Download it for free. Support Metal!


released April 2, 2013

Thanks to KloneZ, Eric Styler, Doyle, J. Brown, Tom & Rob, The Whisky King, and our families. Released April 2nd, 2013

All music & lyrics by Unsacred Seed

Andrew Murray - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Design
Stefan Perras - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Sequencer, Design
Nate Ohl - Drums
Justin Brown - Bass, Guitar

Thanks to Tom & Rob at Ice House Studios for helping out on every song and making us sound great

Thanks to Jon Doyle for the "Son of the Dragon" lyrics/vox and guest vocals on "Chasing the Artifact".

Artwork by Eric Styler
Lyrics by Stefan Perras, Andrew Murray, Jon Doyle and Nate Ohl



all rights reserved


Unsacred Seed London, Ontario

Unsacred Seed is a London Ontario Based metal band. Combining characteristics of Death, Black and Groove metal, the band has melded the genres to create something unique.
With tonnes of riffs, solos and throat-tearing screams, Unsacred Seed have been shredding faces since 2010.

Fully active and ready to slay stages, pursue management, endorsements, interviews, and label representation.
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Track Name: Deus Ex
Devour the skies
Abysmal demise
enter event horizon
fade away without a trace

absent light
falling forever
faster then light
into this rift your gone
its the dying of the dawn

Center of the galaxy
bending space and time
a singularity
draining the matter
no force is faster
nothing escapes
the galaxy deformity

<Verse 1>
eating the dawn
and all in its path
when everything disapears
theres no turning back now

it wont let you escape
vanishing into the darkness
atom by atom
tearing you apart

morbid realm of chaos
monster yet still unknown
monster Unknown
whats on the otherside
a question
with no answer
enter unknown

Deus Ex
God From the Machine
Minds of Metal
Intelligence Reborn
Deus Ex
God from the machine
Time draws near
We must enter the Breach

<verse 2>
in this dark place
no laws apply
a stygian void
a lurid abyss
in the fabric of spacetime
aphotic passages
to another world
another dimension

<verse 1>


<verse 2>

Supernova, supernova
birth of the gorge
and the origin of darkness

Deus Ex Deus Ex
How many chances
can we resist

Supernova, supernova
birth of the gorge
and the origin of darkness

lurid abyss, lurid abyss
draining the matter

Supernova, supernova
birth of the gorge
Track Name: Hundred Courts
Her majesty will not bow
To this questing king
And as we march
his dirge we sing
This enemy indeed has plans
To conquer all
at dawn we meet
to stand for our home land

This catalyst summons me over the hill
We march with merit and asperity

After I have stuck you down
You will fall into the gallows
In my clenched fist I hold
The path to everlasting grace
There are no sins in battle
Only what must be done
The end draws near
The victor walks

We stand here in the fire
Repent repent my sinners
in a Clashing sea of iron
Repent, repent
A conflict ages long
At the center of a hundred courts

Cleanse the blood from my hands
Till i must do it again
the battle turns in our favor
another falls off the saber
bodies cover the earthen floor
yet there is still work to be done
At a hundred courts
Track Name: Illbegotten
Courts shake with the fall
of a thousand men
smothering masses of enemies
Armies waiting at the dawn
Cut down and brought to nothing
Lives lost at the hand
of the champion

He has descended from the gods
Exiled from paradise
cant look away, his thine eyes bleed
He is the champion


Any witness to this slaughter
will preserved by death
If by chance you should live long enough
you may hear him cry

Nothing can hurt me
I am a weapon of hell
I am immortal
I am the champion
Track Name: Wrath of Providence
Death rides close behind his back
Shrapnel rains down from the sky
Debris of rage that cannot be quenched
For all that's good, this monster must die

The will to live propels me to climb
The mountain face that stands before me
Acid builds into a natural anchor
Finality will not allow surrender

Down in the river
Bodies lay in the water
Their spirits journey on
Victims of his slaughter

Thunderous tides converge on him
The end of days for all his kind
Forced to roam the underworld
Great Evil washed away this night

A giant felled by the seas of god
the price he pays. for chaos wrought
to bring back balance to the scales
He wrenched life will be for naught

Cracked sky bleed red
the rising tides fade the sun
floods of odium asphyxiate
All fall prey to the vices of providence

See the escape from the turmoil befallen
the crash of waves cry out his doom
Diabolic elements persist
An omen shines through

Wrath of providence
Here to silenced the enslaved
Thunderous floods devour the living
But his spirit will still remain
Track Name: Son of The Dragon
Their glassy eyes opaque. and empty
Reflected back to him, his nature
How passionate he once was, now devoid
The seas of blood, snuff out his fire.

Saturate my senses says he
I am the son of the dragon.

Flame without oil
Air with out scream
The waking nightmares open his dreams
his heart beats, he lives
For the hearts, he silenced

Palma at Romiania they are but quite shells
The transylvainan forest embrace him
the snow, in the night sky will hide
the conquerors usurpers who die.

Have we not seen the world together
families linked for a thousands years
have we not seen the world together
yet you do not so much at flinch

Their glassy eyes opaque. and empty
Reflected back to him, his nature
How passionate he once was, now devoid
The seas of blood, snuff out his fire.

Saturate my senses says he
I am the son of the dragon.

Suffer the dirge,
the sweet caress of strings
The sound was pure,
soft, yet deafening
The soothing wisdom, betwixt, joy and fear
Those who fail will join
the choirs of the impaled
Track Name: Chasing The Artifact
Shadows Cast
The Land Mass
The earth quakes
The tides rise
The strong survive

The Ancients came
from another dimension
beyond imagination
of the human mind
binding blood
they form a new creation

made to collect the
matter the lasts
an ancient relic
creating life and sea

Give or be taken
the time draws near
descending from the sky
prehistoric destiny

Clouded Thoughts
Break dead and divine
Crepuscular origins retract
were just Chasing The Artifact

To honor the ancient code
the crown has befallen us
crestfallen we bestow are descent

Prehistoric Dynasty
lay dormant no more
drifting through the galaxy
creating life and sea

In time we have forgotten
but still hold on
to the chase

In this vision I see pain
In this vision I see death
from this ancient temple
blood streams down the steps
thousand suns incinerate
a dying sky bleeds acid rain
keeps the evil rising
from the ashes and the flame

Guided by the monolith
navigation reconfirmed
glimpse of the future
proves disaster
civilization made to burn
catastrophe descending
from the heavens
come despair

never losing hope
we wont give
without a fight

Shadows Cast
The Land Mass
The earth quakes
Track Name: Siberian Skyscape
swallowing the earth
in the dim and distant future
in time no stars will shine
expanding universe
caused the stars to end there fires
frozen seas stop life from flowing
life from growing

the only escape is to infiltrate
a parallel universe to operate
a new civilization that can tolerate

as darkness falls across the universe
the last and dying galaxy
mankind prisoned to reality
escaping there finality

Siberian Skyscape
left in the dark
as matter fades
the cosmos decays

fading horizon
planet is frozen
brave this breach
to another dimension
the birth of a nation

crack the code to which new laws apply
our mortal skies are left behind

we will escape
from this networks collapse
life cant remain
time will relapse

solitude and isolation
constellation exploration
type three society
shattered thoughts
of a deity

all the labors of the ages
all the glory of human genius
are destined
to extinction
in the vast death of the solar system

burn the ages of fear and ignorance
walk the path without superstition
sever the ties
to the elder skies
to reign again
on the new sunrise

the raging darkness thirst's for more
the empty space we left to ignore
devouring the abandoned souls
a life forsaken nevermore

the crown means nothing
in the new empire
a god that commands we will not require

in the end it was natures design
extracting life
as time and space collide